Monday, May 6, 2013

Home Brew - Special Bitter

This batch of home brew was based mainly on the ingredients I had on hand, specifically Fuggles and Willamette hops and amber malt extract.  Rather than try and copy a recipe I used the general guidelines from Complete Joy of Home Brewing and used what I had.

Steep 10oz Crystal malt (40 L) at 150 for 40 minutes

Boil 50 minutes:
2.2 kg amber DME
.5 oz. Fuggles (US) hop pellets (4.2% AA)
1oz Willamette hop pellets (5.6% AA)

Boil 10 minutes:
1 tsp Irish Moss

.5 oz. Fuggles (US) hop pellets (4.2% AA)
.5oz Willamette hop pellets (5.6% AA)

Fill to 5 gallons.  Pitch Wyeast London Ale (1028)

I will rack into the carbuoy after a week

Thanks to iRob, Karate Hottie and G$ for their help

After 1 week: racked to the carbuoy

After 3 weeks: bottled.  Added 1/3 cup of dextrose, 2/3 cups of light DME