Thursday, August 21, 2008

At last! Content!

Ok, a blog without content is like, umm, Coors light. Bland and devoid of anything that might reasonably called "flavour." Time to remedy that.

About me:

As of this post, by my count I have tried just over 400 beers. Not as good as some but better than most. A good reason why I have been able to try so many is that, in addition to making a point of trying new berrs, I have moved around a fair bit. Having lived in Ottawa, Waterloo, Halifax, Calgary, England, Vancouver (effectively) and spent travel time in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Ireland, and the U.S. has enabled me to sample a fair share of beers. But of course my work is not finished yet!

I live in Calgary, Alberta now. For those in this town, here is a short list of the best places to buy and drink beer, at least in my opinion:


Willow Park - From what I have seen has the largest selection in the city.
Kensington Wine Market - pricey, but has some interesting selections that are hard to find elsewhere


Bottlescrew Bills - it has no ambiance, but over 100 brands available
Wildwood - has a line of very nice beers they brew themselves. The brew master is my friend and fellow soccer player Brian Smith
Ship and Anchor - about 30 beers on tap and generally at a good price
Wild Rose brewery - the brewery has a tap room where you can get all their usual varieties plus some others that are only available in draught
Original Joes - a surprising number of beers on tap, especially the location on 4th

Well, that is all for now. In the future I will post some useful beer links, as well as some of my favorite beers.


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