Sunday, December 12, 2010

Batch #6 - American Pale Ale

A few new things with this batch. Number 1 - this is the first recipe I have used from How to Brew by John Palmer (although I could not follow it exactly - some of my ingredients are slightly different). Number 2- this is my first time using liquid yeast.

Here goes:

steeped crystal 70/80 malt (recipe called for 60 but I had 70/80 on hand)
1.5 kg light liquid malt extract at boil
1.5 kg light liquid malt extract at knockout (after boil)


.6 oz Northern Brewer (9.6%) (recipe called for .5 oz 11%, so I improvised here somewhat) 60 minutes
.5 oz Cascade ( 5.4%) 30 minutes (recipe called for 6%)
.5 oz Cascade 15 minutes

1 package Wyeast Activator 1056 American Ale liquid yeast

I have about 2oz of the Cascade left which I will use to dry hop the beer

On the whole, it should turn out pretty close, but slightly darker and a little less bitter.

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