Sunday, December 4, 2011

Homebrew: Coffee Porter

I have tried chocolate porter in the past, and was pleased with the results. This time I thought I would try coffee porter. It was also a good excuse to try and use a bunch of ingredients I had on hand...

Steeped at 150 (ish) for 30 minutes:

.8 oz black patent malt (500-600L)
1/2 lb. medium crystal malt (75L)
1/2 lb. chocolate malt
1.5 oz roasted barley (probably a no-no for Porters, but what the hell)

Bring to boil. Add:
.6 oz Northern Brewer hops (9.8% AA)

20 minutes later:
.8 oz. Willamette hops (4.8% AA)

25 minutes later:
.5 oz. Willamette hops (4.4% AA)

5 minutes later:
1 tsp. Irish Moss

Added water to make 5 gallons. I pitched Wyeast 1275 (Thames Valley) liquid yeast. However, after a day and a half it did not appear to be fermenting. So I added a pack and a half Coopers dry ale yeast. That appeared to do the trick. I guess we will find out.

After 5 days I racked to the carbuoy. Next step is to add the coffee. Still haven't fully decided how I am going to do that.

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