Monday, July 5, 2010

Home brew batch #3 - Chocolate Porter

This brew was more about being able to make something with the supplies on hand than anything else. I had 2 cans of dark malt extract and a variety of hops. I picked up some additional grains from the Vineyard and set to work. I found the recipe online. I omitted one of the grain varieties, and had to substitute the bitter hops as I did not have what the recipe called for (it called for Galena and EKG). I also had a load of swiss chocolate than Nicolas and Simone gave us, so the Chocolate Porter seemed the obvious choice. Without further ado:

Chocolate porter

8oz 70/80 L Crystal Malt (Crushed)

8oz Special Roast Malt (Crushed) (omitted)

12oz Chocolate Malt (Crushed)
4oz Black Patent Malt (Crushed)
4oz Roasted Barley (Crushed)

Steeped for 30 minutes at 150 F

Hops – 60 min: Centenial (9.2 alpha) x 1.5 oz

30 mins – Centenial and what I had left of my fuggles (5.1%) – this will result in a less bitter beer than the recipe called for, but what are you gonna do? Total = .5 oz


Willamette - .5 oz at 10 mins and .5 oz at 1 min

After taking it off heat – 6 oz. Lindt 60% cacao “L’Infini Fondant” and a few pieces of Lindt dark

Yeast = 2/3 Coopers, 1/3 Nottingham

Sparged the grains. Placed in in the carbuoy adding water to eq 5 gallons. (Though I would try a one stage fermentation this time)

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